Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

  1. I did NOT have the receptionist cancel the last patient due to "AC issues" on Friday so that I could make it to a wedding on time.
  2. I did NOT have to do a Ring A-Round the Rosie dance in the food line at the wedding to keep the 2 year old happy.
  3. I did NOT accuse my husband of having an affair after finding a pair of my sister- in- laws undergarments wrapped up in one of his shirts that he hasn't worn since Thanksgiving.
  4. I did NOT feed my children ice cream for dinner Saturday night at Dairy Queen.
  5. My face did NOT turn bright red as the pastor came up to me Sunday night declaring that he had heard a "funny" story about me that happened Saturday. And that he was NOT going to walk in twirling a pair of undergarments around his finger.

**And is only from what I can remember from the last few days!**

1 comment:

TheVanzants said...

This made me laugh out loud. Out loud. Hilarious.

Don't forget the leather zip up we saw Sunday :)