Friday, September 25, 2009

The Day At The Farm

Sorry I know it's been a while since posting. I really have no excuse other than just too tired and too busy.

This past Monday I took the girls to the farm. Lately they both have been fascinated with cows and I knew that they would just LOVE it and they DID! They had a ball! I want to go back when B can go with us and maybe spend the night. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Ok, seriously Hayley pet that cat for hours!

This was some sort of magnetic 'pick up' game, that Aunt Patsy made.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sunday, September 06, 2009


This past Saturday B had his first ever surprise party! This is a picture, just before church, on his actual birthday.

Leighton would NOT smile and we were running late, as usual, so this is the best it got.
I know it's hard to see, but there is a candle in the middle of the pie. ie; he's not much of a cake person.

This was almost a week after his birthday, we had to postpone the surprise dinner so that some friends could make it. Thanks to everyone who came, you made this night very special for B!

Sorry, the "surprise face" was taken from behind, I'm still new at this surprise thing!

(I am just venting here but when I upload the pictures from my camera they are crystal clear, as soon as I upload them into Blogger the pictures look blurry. Does anyone know why?)

FL Vs. Southern Charleston

I just wanted to say thanks to our friends Chad & Kristi for the tickets to this game, we had a BLAST!!!As soon as I got down the stairs, yeah I was scurrying, he turned his back. So this is the back half the Coach Urban Meyer.

Chad & B looking very intense, weren't sure if we were going to win this one. (sarcasm's inserted there)

These guys contacted me earlier in the week, they wanted Kristi & I to be the 'G' & 'A', but at the last minute, we changed our minds! Ha!

Chad & Kristi at Sonny's

Thanks guys, we had the BEST time, and the seats were AWESOME!

Friday, September 04, 2009


Ok, so ya'll I am SOOOOO excited because tomorrow is the first Gator game of the season and we are going to The Swamp !!!!Yahoo!!!

When I get super excited about something I get this nervous feeling in my stomach. (Because I'm weird. Nervousness and excitedness, yeah I guess they go hand in hand.)

You know the feeling like you're fixin' to pee your pants or I will just laugh a lot. I don't know why I do that, laugh ,when I get nervous. It used to really worry me, because when I was in high school I worked as a lifeguard. I could always picture myself laughing my head off in a situation where someone was drowning. Yeah, try explaining that one to your boss! AWKWARD. Thank God that never happened.

Boo Mama did a 'share your favorite dip recipe' post to welcome the new 2009 football season. So here is my contribution.

There are 3 ingredients, and I am telling you this stuff is G.O.O.D.

1 can of Hormel Chili (with or without beans-your preference)

1 can of Tostitos cheese queso

1/2 cup of Pace Picante Sauce

Put all 3 ingredients into a sauce pan and heat up.

It's that easy! And sooo good I couldn't stop eating it when my sister made it!

Enjoy and Gooooo Gators!!!!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Would Someone Please Remove the Rock From Which I Live Under

Yesterday was a typical day. I had planned on dropping the kids off at the sitter for a little while so that I could get some errands done.

I needed to get the oil changed, renew the tags, drop off a package, you know the run-of-the-mill.

I dropped the kids off around 11:00 am and planned on being back to pick them up in just a couple of hours.

On my way to Callahan, B calls me (he was at the doctor in Callahan) and wanted to meet for lunch. So we met and grabbed a burger together. I told him I was going to get the tags renewed, he said he would ride over there with me so he could go ahead and put the sticker on his tag. So I follow him over to the tag office and see that the line is OUT THE DOOR HALF WAY THRU THE PARKING LOT!
I pulled up beside him and said, "Forget this, I'll come back after I get the oil changed!"

So B went home and I proceeded to 'The Oil Changing Station' (official name).

Somehow I started talking to the man behind the counter at the 'Station' about the length of the line at the tag office. Because apparently talking to strangers is a new habit I've picked up, and because that's what everyone else does in this town-o-400. You can just call it 'tryin' to fit in'.

Anyways, back to talking to the man behind the counter. As I am sitting, in this very posh 'Oil Changing Station' complete with a floor fan that doubled for me as an end table which held my McDonald's coke just superb, he tells me that the lines are soooo ridiculously loooong because the prices to renew tags is going up in 24 hours, WAY up, some 54%! I thought to myself, ok so I better go get my butt in line today!

I am really teetering on line here: Lucky vs. Unlucky

  • Lucky, because I found out about the increase in fees and because if I hadn't found out I probably would've just gone home and ended up paying WAY more.

  • Unlucky, because the one day I decide to do something about our soon expiring tags, so does the rest of the state.

Apparently this has been all over the news for months now and the media knew that it was not going to be hard to keep this a secret from me because it was not posted on Yahoo! OMG, or MSN Entertainment. Which is where all the really important news takes place.

This man at the station also informed me that he heard on the radio to expect to wait at least 2 hours anywhere you go. Hello?

You know this guy really was a wealth of information because I also found out that they are turning a used to be gas station into a Walgreens. Humm who knew? I really kind of butted my way into that convo. Which I am sure he appreciated seeing as how he was trying to flirt with a girl WAY TOO young for him! (Seriously, just trust me on this one.)

I walked in the tag office right at 2:00 pm and stood in line.

There were about 15 people in front of me and I really couldn't foresee it taking that long.

At that moment I was really happy to be living in the small town-o-400. Or maybe not, since I had not a drop of makeup on and it didn't look like I had brushed my hair at all.

Seriously, who did I have to impress at the 'Oil Changing Station' and the tag renewal office? Little did I know I would come face to face with the entire town!

And right after I got comfortable being the last one in line, in walks the Minister of Education from our church. And after standing in line together for almost three hours he knows my entire life story! Actually, that really only took about 15 minutes, the rest of the time was me secretly wishing one of the poor individuals in front of me would give up and go home, and deciding that I didn't care about the 27 Easy, Delicious Meals that the Taste of Home Magazine had to offer.

I finally got out of there at 5:00 pm! Feeling Lucky.

Ok, you caught me, I was feeling emotionally, physically, and monetary drained!