Sunday, September 06, 2009


This past Saturday B had his first ever surprise party! This is a picture, just before church, on his actual birthday.

Leighton would NOT smile and we were running late, as usual, so this is the best it got.
I know it's hard to see, but there is a candle in the middle of the pie. ie; he's not much of a cake person.

This was almost a week after his birthday, we had to postpone the surprise dinner so that some friends could make it. Thanks to everyone who came, you made this night very special for B!

Sorry, the "surprise face" was taken from behind, I'm still new at this surprise thing!

(I am just venting here but when I upload the pictures from my camera they are crystal clear, as soon as I upload them into Blogger the pictures look blurry. Does anyone know why?)

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Aunt Beth said...

OOOOO-I am so ashamed of myself for letting your birthday get by me this year:( I have never forgotten you ever since you came into our family. I am so very sorry-really.
So Happy belated Birthday to you and I am so glad that you have a loving wife and beautiful girls to let you know how much they love you!!! I hope it was a wonderful surprise birthday party for you!!
I love you, and am very sorry for letting this one slip by me-so embrassed.
I love you!