Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Call Me A Liar

Well as I sit down to type this it is Tuesday and I am recapping the weekend. I know this may seem a bit late to some, but I do not work on Mondays so, to me the weekend just ended.

Friday night was spent cleaning out the playroom/office to make it more of a sitting room/office with some toys in two leather bins placed neatly beneath a table. Whatever I could not fit in the two leather bins went in the kids closest. Which meant, I had to first clean out the closets. BIG task! This really went on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. I think, after all the cleaning out of the closets, I will be ready for a garage sale sometime in October.

I am totally stoked about the evolving look of the office!

This is what it looked like before:

(like I said before all the toys are gone except what's in the bins under the table)

And this is what is going in the corner in place of the card table.
I might even get the chair, because I have a plan that if I buy a computer chair that isn't so comfy maybe certain members of our family wouldn't be so prone to sit in it as looooong as they do! I'll letcha know how that theory pans out!

Friday evening I got the girls all pumped up about a birthday party we were going to be attending the next day. I was especially excited because it is my BFF's little boys party so really I was dragging my kids along so that I could see Lynnie, I mean Lynn (sorry Lynn) and her parents and her In-Laws (I LOVE her mother-in-law). She stole my heart when is did the Polka Dance with her son at their wedding! Not that I am Polish or know anything about the Polish culture, but she was the cutest thing doing the Polka, if I had a video of it I would up load it so I could share it with all of you.

Anyway, Saturday we were running really late for the party so I called Lynn to let her know not to wait for us to cut the cake (because people have been known to just cancel the entire show if we can't come Wink! Wink!) She replied "Late for what?"

"The Party."

"The party isn't until tomorrow."

"Please tell me you are kidding!"


Ok, so those last two lines above repeat like 50 times!

So, I finally realized that she wasn't kidding. I've got two kids dressed, in the car, half way to J-ville, and an entire Saturday with not a single plan.

Stopped on the side of US-1 trying to decide whether to turn around and go back home or continue on and have a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda day, I was trying to explain to the kids that mommy was wrong the birthday party wasn't until Sunday, they just looked at me with these blank stares. I can imagine the confusion when you have no concept of time or even know when Sunday will come.

Strike One.

Before I had time to think I blurted out the words "Chuck E. Cheese"

Yeah, shoulda thought about that for... say... 2 more seconds, maybe I would have saved some of my sanity!

So, my sis Keli and I, conquered that Chuck E. Cheese that day and all of it's over priced, cardboard tasting pizza.

It was raining that day so as you can imagine every kid and it's toddling younger sibling in Middleburg, Orange Park and the surrounding counties where exactly where we were. Sweatin' it up climbing through the tunnels and playing ten rounds of bowling just so that we could walk out of there with a plastic spider ring.

Leighton kept claiming that Chuck E. Cheese was Mickey Mouse. You know I really contemplated just going with it because I seriously could have saved myself a few hundred dollars here! No, if you are wondering, we have not made that first trip to Disney yet, so I totally could have just agreed.

The next morning we had these for breakfast.

What? I'm not pushing it or could pass as Chuck E. Cheese pancakes!

Sunday evening B sprung on me at the last minute he wanted to go to hot dog night, so I bathed the kids and told them we were going to Anna's house for hot dog night. They were very excited because they LOVE Anna!

I sent them on their way with B, I would be there as soon as the Lasagna is done.

A few minutes later they return home-no hot dog night.

Strike Two.

Saturday as I was on the way home from Hell In A Hand Basket, oh sorry I mean Chuck E. Cheese, I called my dad to see if he was going to be at the farm this Monday that I would like to bring the girls to see the cows and ride the tractor. (I usually like to plan for this kind of stuff but it was officially fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants day.) He said yes he was going to be there and yes to bring the kids!

So, I got all excited and told the girls' that we were going to Pop Pop's farm. Hayley was soooo excited because she is really into cows right now.

A couple of hours later my dad called to tell me that it had been raining at the farm and he was not going Monday so we would have to reschedule our tractor riding date for another time.

Three strikes and your out Mom.

Instead we pulled out the slip-n-slide for one last time and ate cream sickles.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"I Love You's"

I took this video because I just love the way Leighton says "I love you" right now. I don't want to forget the way they sound.

I had to take about ten of these videos, that's why Leighton is asking if we are done at the end.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have You Heard This...Seen That?

If you haven't heard this, you really should take the time to read it. This particular video is the last of three videos. (Feel free to go back and watch all three videos-I did) I know a lot of people read the Audrey Caroline blog. When I first started blogging I read Bring the Rain like every day at work and it's a good thing I was working by myself because I would be bawling like a baby EVERY TIME. I stopped reading it so much because half of the time I didn't really understand the whole story. After I watched the 3 youtube videos I understand her story now, and maybe it will help some of you too. Even if you don't read Bring the Rain or care about Angie and Todd I still would say to you, take the time to listen to this couple's faith and the ups and downs they had with God, it's an amazing story! And I only post on things that I am really passionate about and want to share with others, you know those things in life that really grabs your attention, one of those Ah Ha moments!

I posted the last video because the whole theme behind this study is called Plan B. I think it is at the very end of this video that Angie addresses the whole Plan B in a light that I have never thought of.

Sometimes as a young adult we have dreams, plans, intentions and sometimes life doesn't always play out those dreams you had. Maybe, we think how our life "turned out" is Plan B. But to God it is Plan A. Angie says it so well; God doesn't have a Plan B.

Now, on a lighter note:

Have you seen this picture?

Isn't this hilarious? The lady in this picture is Stellan's nurse and they were trying to take a picture on vacay. When they saw the squirrel they hit the button on their handheld remote control!

This totally makes me want a remote control, maybe then I would be in more pictures!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yep, I Did It Again

Friday evening we had dinner over at my MIL's house to celebrate Granny's birthday. Here are some pictures.

While we were there I had to share this story with, well, anyone who would listen, so I will share it with you too.

Hayley is still mispronouncing certain words like "other" is "utter" and "hamburger" is "hambooger" and if you want to know, one of my pet peeves is bad grammar or mispronunciation.

One day I overheard Hayley saying, "No not that one, the utter one!" I quickly had to correct her and I thought if I just put a little explanation with it maybe it will stick.

Me: "Hayley, do you know what an utter is?"

Hayley: "No."

Me:"Ok, an utter is a cow's Beebos."

Hayley: "Ohhhh."

A few days later it was just Hayley and I in the grocery store and she was telling me that she didn't want that kind of cereal she wanted the "utter" one. I quickly shot her a look and proceeded down the isle.

A teenage boy was walking right along side of us as Hayley decides to remind me what exactly an utter was! I knew what was about to come out of her mouth.(And the girl does NOT know how to whisper!) But the boy did not know what she was about to say, so I keep one eye on him just about the time she got the Beebo part. It was soooo funny watching him try not to laugh out loud!

Saturday we met my MIL, SIL, and Granny at Cracker Barrel for lunch. I was really looking forward to going, because I don't think I've been to Cracker Barrel for 2 1/2 years!!! I remember I was ready to deliver Leighton like any second!

Anyways, it was me and the girls about to conquer this assignment, I mean lunch.

Let's just say they had been warned in the car of what could go down in the bathroom if need be.

On a serious note, I have noticed that if I tell them what is going to happen like, 'Hey, we are not going to stay in this store for long, and when I say it's time to go, IT'S TIME TO GO.' And I tell them that as we are standing in front of the doors about to go in so there's no time for them to forget.

Back to Cracker Barrel. We were sitting at the table waiting for our food when Miss Wakeup At 7:00 AM Napless Leighton was doing too much whinning for me and yes we made that trip to the bathroom! As my memory failed me (yet again), I thought the Women's Restroom was to the right aaaannnnndddd apparently it (my memory) was wrong! If you haven't read the story of the first time this happened click here. Yes, I was so heated at the time I failed to look at the sign and we were standing in the Men's Restroom. I DID recognize the urinals this time and quickly motioned for Leighton to exit. She just stood there looking at me like, 'You're not giving me a spanking?' She headed back like she was going to the table. And I said, 'Eint, this way!' motioning towards the Women's Restroom.

We are not making a big deal about this, I know this curse will pass eventually!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Encouragement

I have been wanting to share this for some time now. Except, I've had a hard time looking at things in this light.

Maybe this will encourage some of you. I know most people that read this are mothers and for the most part we all take care of chores around the house. Soooo...

Thank you God for the dirty dishes, that means that my family has been fed.

Thank you God for the piles of laundry, that means that my family has been clothed.

Thank you God for the toys strung all over the house, that means I can provide entertainment for my children.

Thank you God for the bills that come every month, ok I'm not thankful for that one.

Thank you God for the alarm clock that goes off Tuesday-Friday, that means I have a job.

Thank you God for the kids who cry when I drop them off at day care, that means they love me.

I have been thinking about this lately because for the last two weeks, it seems as though I just can't get the laundry caught up, and the cob webs in the windows are mocking me everytime I walk in the door! I've thought about just leaving them there for Halloween...

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Singin', Dancin', and Almost Dyin'

I know this is a couple of weeks late but, I still wanted to post some pictures of the VBS show.
'(Sorry if the video is shaky I was trying to video with my camera and take still pictures with the other hand and another camera at the same time! Plus I was laughing so hard at all these kids, especially mine, they had no idea what the motions were but bless their little souls they were tryin.)

After the show the kids went home with my parents. Yippee!!! Friday night through Sunday afternoon with no kids!!! I had to hurry after the dinner and run home to pack their bags in case Gamma and Pop Pops changed their minds.

My parents wanted to keep the girls that weekend because it was our Anniversary weekend. However, B was on call, so we couldn't really go anywhere. It still a productive weekend. That's just whatcha want to celebrate your anniversary? Productiveness, sounds romantic right? You're supposed to be lazy, waited upon, catered to, oh poo I was daydreaming and drooled all over my keyboard!

About 6:00 Saturday evening I was officially BORED! Laying on the couch for sooo long I felt what it was like to have bed sores. Well, except I didn't have the sores and I wasn't in a bed.

At 6:27 B's pager went off, the most excitement all day. He excitedly exclaims, "Come with me!" Suddenly I thought of 10 things I could do. I was very hesitant at first and then gave in. What else was I to do on this rainy Saturday evening, I had my fill of watching Chinese synchronized diving.
So if this call was going to be like other calls I was going to be prepared.

-Rain jacket (as if I was really going to get out of the truck, to what? Help. Yeah right.)
-Tennis shoes (sensible)
-Food (Possible dinner in case we get stranded) B "This is one call not Survivor!"
-Drink (Because I am eating and will probably get thirsty)
-MRI study material (Because I'm supposed to take the BIGGEST test of my life in October)
-A book (In case I learn everything there is to know about MRI)
-Cell (To take pictures and send to my sister)
-Blanket (In case I end up sleeping in the truck over night)

I know this all sounds crazy but sometimes they get call after call after call.

So anyways, we were on our way to a 911 call, sounds thrilling. There was a tree on the line and "we" had to go find it. I tried not to act too excited, but secretly I was hoping when we got there, there would be police men with the car lights flashing and bystanders looking and pointing and rushing the children inside. I was craving some drama- I was really that bored people!


Never found the tree.

What we did find was a freshly grated clay road. I saw my life flash before my eyes as that big bucket truck fish tailed like crazy! (There was this voice that said 'Hey, if you die out here at least you don't have to sit for your MRI boards in October!') I don't even think what we were doing falls into the same category as fish tailing. What we were doing should be called SlingingTheWheelDodgingDitchesScreamingForSweetMercy!

The road was soooo slick that when B got out to lock the truck into 4wheel drive, his foot slipped and he looked like Bambi trying to walk on ice. When I saw that I had to hold in my laughter.
We got off that road and headed home safely.

I am really sorry to build up this story to such a climax as this and then end so abruptly. What would my English teacher have to say about this?

But really that's all I got.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Needing Some Feedback...

As some of you have probably seen the latest fashion for fall seems to be hats like these.

I know someone close to me who knows how to make them. My question to you is, first of all, are you interested, how much do you think is a reasonable price, and what are some colors you like. Something that I thought of is putting a button in the middle of the flower that is the first letter of the child's name, because I know how everyone loves to personalize stuff!

Let me know what you think about it.