Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Call Me A Liar

Well as I sit down to type this it is Tuesday and I am recapping the weekend. I know this may seem a bit late to some, but I do not work on Mondays so, to me the weekend just ended.

Friday night was spent cleaning out the playroom/office to make it more of a sitting room/office with some toys in two leather bins placed neatly beneath a table. Whatever I could not fit in the two leather bins went in the kids closest. Which meant, I had to first clean out the closets. BIG task! This really went on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. I think, after all the cleaning out of the closets, I will be ready for a garage sale sometime in October.

I am totally stoked about the evolving look of the office!

This is what it looked like before:

(like I said before all the toys are gone except what's in the bins under the table)

And this is what is going in the corner in place of the card table.
I might even get the chair, because I have a plan that if I buy a computer chair that isn't so comfy maybe certain members of our family wouldn't be so prone to sit in it as looooong as they do! I'll letcha know how that theory pans out!

Friday evening I got the girls all pumped up about a birthday party we were going to be attending the next day. I was especially excited because it is my BFF's little boys party so really I was dragging my kids along so that I could see Lynnie, I mean Lynn (sorry Lynn) and her parents and her In-Laws (I LOVE her mother-in-law). She stole my heart when is did the Polka Dance with her son at their wedding! Not that I am Polish or know anything about the Polish culture, but she was the cutest thing doing the Polka, if I had a video of it I would up load it so I could share it with all of you.

Anyway, Saturday we were running really late for the party so I called Lynn to let her know not to wait for us to cut the cake (because people have been known to just cancel the entire show if we can't come Wink! Wink!) She replied "Late for what?"

"The Party."

"The party isn't until tomorrow."

"Please tell me you are kidding!"


Ok, so those last two lines above repeat like 50 times!

So, I finally realized that she wasn't kidding. I've got two kids dressed, in the car, half way to J-ville, and an entire Saturday with not a single plan.

Stopped on the side of US-1 trying to decide whether to turn around and go back home or continue on and have a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda day, I was trying to explain to the kids that mommy was wrong the birthday party wasn't until Sunday, they just looked at me with these blank stares. I can imagine the confusion when you have no concept of time or even know when Sunday will come.

Strike One.

Before I had time to think I blurted out the words "Chuck E. Cheese"

Yeah, shoulda thought about that for... say... 2 more seconds, maybe I would have saved some of my sanity!

So, my sis Keli and I, conquered that Chuck E. Cheese that day and all of it's over priced, cardboard tasting pizza.

It was raining that day so as you can imagine every kid and it's toddling younger sibling in Middleburg, Orange Park and the surrounding counties where exactly where we were. Sweatin' it up climbing through the tunnels and playing ten rounds of bowling just so that we could walk out of there with a plastic spider ring.

Leighton kept claiming that Chuck E. Cheese was Mickey Mouse. You know I really contemplated just going with it because I seriously could have saved myself a few hundred dollars here! No, if you are wondering, we have not made that first trip to Disney yet, so I totally could have just agreed.

The next morning we had these for breakfast.

What? I'm not pushing it or anything...it could pass as Chuck E. Cheese pancakes!

Sunday evening B sprung on me at the last minute he wanted to go to hot dog night, so I bathed the kids and told them we were going to Anna's house for hot dog night. They were very excited because they LOVE Anna!

I sent them on their way with B, I would be there as soon as the Lasagna is done.

A few minutes later they return home-no hot dog night.

Strike Two.

Saturday as I was on the way home from Hell In A Hand Basket, oh sorry I mean Chuck E. Cheese, I called my dad to see if he was going to be at the farm this Monday that I would like to bring the girls to see the cows and ride the tractor. (I usually like to plan for this kind of stuff but it was officially fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants day.) He said yes he was going to be there and yes to bring the kids!

So, I got all excited and told the girls' that we were going to Pop Pop's farm. Hayley was soooo excited because she is really into cows right now.

A couple of hours later my dad called to tell me that it had been raining at the farm and he was not going Monday so we would have to reschedule our tractor riding date for another time.

Three strikes and your out Mom.

Instead we pulled out the slip-n-slide for one last time and ate cream sickles.

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