Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have You Heard This...Seen That?

If you haven't heard this, you really should take the time to read it. This particular video is the last of three videos. (Feel free to go back and watch all three videos-I did) I know a lot of people read the Audrey Caroline blog. When I first started blogging I read Bring the Rain like every day at work and it's a good thing I was working by myself because I would be bawling like a baby EVERY TIME. I stopped reading it so much because half of the time I didn't really understand the whole story. After I watched the 3 youtube videos I understand her story now, and maybe it will help some of you too. Even if you don't read Bring the Rain or care about Angie and Todd I still would say to you, take the time to listen to this couple's faith and the ups and downs they had with God, it's an amazing story! And I only post on things that I am really passionate about and want to share with others, you know those things in life that really grabs your attention, one of those Ah Ha moments!

I posted the last video because the whole theme behind this study is called Plan B. I think it is at the very end of this video that Angie addresses the whole Plan B in a light that I have never thought of.

Sometimes as a young adult we have dreams, plans, intentions and sometimes life doesn't always play out those dreams you had. Maybe, we think how our life "turned out" is Plan B. But to God it is Plan A. Angie says it so well; God doesn't have a Plan B.

Now, on a lighter note:

Have you seen this picture?

Isn't this hilarious? The lady in this picture is Stellan's nurse and they were trying to take a picture on vacay. When they saw the squirrel they hit the button on their handheld remote control!

This totally makes me want a remote control, maybe then I would be in more pictures!

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