Thursday, August 06, 2009

Singin', Dancin', and Almost Dyin'

I know this is a couple of weeks late but, I still wanted to post some pictures of the VBS show.
'(Sorry if the video is shaky I was trying to video with my camera and take still pictures with the other hand and another camera at the same time! Plus I was laughing so hard at all these kids, especially mine, they had no idea what the motions were but bless their little souls they were tryin.)

After the show the kids went home with my parents. Yippee!!! Friday night through Sunday afternoon with no kids!!! I had to hurry after the dinner and run home to pack their bags in case Gamma and Pop Pops changed their minds.

My parents wanted to keep the girls that weekend because it was our Anniversary weekend. However, B was on call, so we couldn't really go anywhere. It still a productive weekend. That's just whatcha want to celebrate your anniversary? Productiveness, sounds romantic right? You're supposed to be lazy, waited upon, catered to, oh poo I was daydreaming and drooled all over my keyboard!

About 6:00 Saturday evening I was officially BORED! Laying on the couch for sooo long I felt what it was like to have bed sores. Well, except I didn't have the sores and I wasn't in a bed.

At 6:27 B's pager went off, the most excitement all day. He excitedly exclaims, "Come with me!" Suddenly I thought of 10 things I could do. I was very hesitant at first and then gave in. What else was I to do on this rainy Saturday evening, I had my fill of watching Chinese synchronized diving.
So if this call was going to be like other calls I was going to be prepared.

-Rain jacket (as if I was really going to get out of the truck, to what? Help. Yeah right.)
-Tennis shoes (sensible)
-Food (Possible dinner in case we get stranded) B "This is one call not Survivor!"
-Drink (Because I am eating and will probably get thirsty)
-MRI study material (Because I'm supposed to take the BIGGEST test of my life in October)
-A book (In case I learn everything there is to know about MRI)
-Cell (To take pictures and send to my sister)
-Blanket (In case I end up sleeping in the truck over night)

I know this all sounds crazy but sometimes they get call after call after call.

So anyways, we were on our way to a 911 call, sounds thrilling. There was a tree on the line and "we" had to go find it. I tried not to act too excited, but secretly I was hoping when we got there, there would be police men with the car lights flashing and bystanders looking and pointing and rushing the children inside. I was craving some drama- I was really that bored people!


Never found the tree.

What we did find was a freshly grated clay road. I saw my life flash before my eyes as that big bucket truck fish tailed like crazy! (There was this voice that said 'Hey, if you die out here at least you don't have to sit for your MRI boards in October!') I don't even think what we were doing falls into the same category as fish tailing. What we were doing should be called SlingingTheWheelDodgingDitchesScreamingForSweetMercy!

The road was soooo slick that when B got out to lock the truck into 4wheel drive, his foot slipped and he looked like Bambi trying to walk on ice. When I saw that I had to hold in my laughter.
We got off that road and headed home safely.

I am really sorry to build up this story to such a climax as this and then end so abruptly. What would my English teacher have to say about this?

But really that's all I got.


The Nelsons said...

I think its safe to say the girls definitely got Brandons dance moves

Aunt Beth said...

I loved the video! It doesn't matter if they knew the motions or not, they sure were precious up there trying their best! I know they had a good time at VBS! I loved their outfits!
I am so glad that you and B had a very romantic,funfilled,on-call anniversary weekend-hahaha! I'm glad he got a call, sounds like you might have ended up with the sores if he hadn't been called out-jk!
I so enjoy your blog site!
Love to all!

Gamma said...

How could we NOT take both girls home with us...I couldn't stand to see tears coming from those adoreable faces...

Besides we had a blast swimming in Gamma & Pop Pops pool...

And....we learned a new word in Chinese Whaaaa (DIG) Whaaaa (DIG)

I LOVE my baby girls.....

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