Monday, February 01, 2010

Not Me Monday

1. I did NOT position my car at the red light so that the other cars could not tell that I was eating pizza in my car. (Burger King understandable but Pizza? I was having a CRAVING and I could not wait to get back to work to eat it!)

2. I did NOT ask Hayley to "smile normal" so that I could see if it was noticeable that she knocked out one of her front teeth. Yes, you heard me right, KNOCKED OUT.


Abbi said...

too funny!!! i'm sure she is still so stinkin cute with a missing tooth!! hope you have a good week!

Crystal said...

Your girls are adorable!!!

Abbi said...

thank you for such a sweet comment!
i just couldn't take my hair!!!
her middle name is austin! it's adam's middle name so that's where we came up with it! it's a little different but i think it fits her!
hope all is well with you guys!

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