Monday, May 18, 2009

Miscellaneous Weekend

  • This Saturday we went swimming over at our friends pool. The picture that I did not take was too cute with four little girls swimming in a huddle, sticking together like a school of fish. I was wishing that I had taken out stock on water wings, there was five or six pair in the pool that evening!

  • The other picture that I did not take was of Hayley and Leighton eating Wendy's happy meals in their playhouse after church Sunday. The same playhouse that I am still not finished painting! I have given myself a deadline- the end of summer. I tried to make some curtains for it Friday night, but I didn't get enough material so back to War-Mart I go.

  • Thanks to B for making fun of me, "Momma's wearing granny panties!" he announces to the entire world, ok he really just yelled it in the house. Now Hayley thinks I wear Granny's panties. Thanks B!

  • Saturday night we tried out Bar-B-Q Barn or whatever it's called. It was really good, especially the baked beans!

  • I watched Marley & Me Friday night.

  • The power went out Sunday afternoon. Woke up from my Sunday nap b/c Hayley and I were sweating and sticking to each other. Not a fun way to wake up!

Ok, ok, ok I know let's face it I got nothing for this post I am trying to entertain you with what I ate and watched and it's not working for me. I try to at least have a point or a story to tell. My life was boring this weekend so, I will save both of us the pain and sign off.

B had a fun packed weekend maybe I should get him to write a post, yeah probably not.


GirlB300 said...

Actually I have grown to LOVE the 'boring' weekends. That's the good I'll have to post what Dallon said about Marley & Me..

Darlene said...

sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!

The Pickett's said...

I agree with Becky, I LOVE boring weekends!