Monday, May 04, 2009

"With All Do Respectiveity"

That was a line from the Broadway musical Wicked. Saturday my mom, my sis-in-law, my mom-in-law, & I all went to see Wicked. It was sooooooo good! And very funny. We all had the best time!
My mom had seen the show in Chicago and when she saw it was going to be in Jacksonville she called me and told me I really needed to go! So we did. The only other Broadway show that I have seen, was when I was in N.Y., I saw The King and I and I fell asleep. I had been picked from my cheer leading squad to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and we were sooooo busy the whole time we were there. I was sooooo exhausted I found the first comfortable seat in the theatre and CRASHED!!! So I don't think that one really counts.

The show pretty much took up the entire day though somehow I still managed to get three loads of laundry done. Note to anyone who goes to see Wicked it is 3 hours long. Which was fine I just expected it to be around 2 hours and so did the sitter!

Sunday after the a.m. church service the girls and I hoped in the car to head over to Julington Creek for my dad's birthday. NOTE: B could not join us as for there was an OREMC work truck in our drive way. NOTE for NOTE that means he was on call.

All was fun and games 'til mom brought out the trick candles! I tried not to think of the spit that I was probably indulging as I ate the chocolate cake. It was well worth it! (FIVE layer chocolate cake!! Someone was doing some serious baking!)

We had fun eating and swimming in the pool. I got to visit with my older brother and sister who I never get to see. I was very excited to find out that my brother is getting married at a Disney Resort in October. Let me clarify that. I knew he is getting married, I knew it is in Orlando, and I knew it is in October I just didn't know about the Disney part. So my chances of taking the girls to Disney while we are there just got a bit better!

And as if that were not enough for the weekend I decided at 7:00 pm last night to start potty training Leighton, right then, at that very moment. We haven't started out so well seeing as how 45 minutes into it I was reaching for the carpet cleaner!

The girls were soooo tired from all the swimming that Hayley's nap last until 8:00 pm. The only way I could get her to wake up was to bribe her with some ice cream.

If you need me I'll be preparing my acceptance speech for Parent of the Year!


Hollie said...

A couple girls I work with went to see Wicked and loved it too! I heard it was awesome.

We're going to start the potty training business this summer.....go ahead and add me to FBCH's prayer list! ha!

GirlB300 said...

I can relate.. I finally don't have any diapers to change! After nine years of changing diapers!!!!!!! Did I say NINE YEARS!?

I've always heard girls are easier but I wouldn't really know. =)