Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun In The...Well, Overcast?

This was about all the kids really played I guess the adults were enough entertainment!

See the expression on our faces. Like we are bracing for the impact!

I really don't know why I had one eye closed in every picture.

I'm pretty sure it was this move here that had us ALL hurting for the next 5 days!

This was sooo much fun! If you are ever bored on the weekend and just don't feel like driving to the nearest water park you've got to try this! If you can find $12 for the tarpe and some friends that are just as CRAZY as you, I promise you'll have a BLAST!!!!!

Thank you to Matt and Hollie for hosting!

And thank you Hollie for providing the pictures

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GirlB300 said...

Nick & I got a kick out of looking at these!