Saturday, June 27, 2009

"The Way You Make Me Feel"...

All STRESSED out!!!!!!

There you have it (above) me paying my respects for The King of Pop. Even though my king of pop is Coca-Cola. As you can tell Thriller and Beat It were a little before my time. Yes, he has been around forever and it is a shocker that he's not on this earth with us anymore, but frankly I thought he had serious issues.

Now, back to why I am all stressed out. Just take a look...

Need I say more!
This has been going on since Wednesday. Let's see...


  • Up Wednesday night 3 times (I think, I lost count)
  • Had a croupy cough & croupy breathing
  • No fever until Friday
  • Went to the doctor with B Thursday & got some steroids
  • Puked all over herself while laying on the couch Friday evening
  • Woke up Saturday with a little fever & NO croup


  • Low grade fever Wednesday
  • Up Thursday night 4 times (I think, I lost count)
  • Went to doctor with B Thursday arriving with a temp. of 104.
  • Drank 1/2 gallon of Tylenol at doctor's office
  • Friday still low grade fever
  • Woke up Saturday feeling GREAT & ready to play (@7:30 am !!!)

I just want to add that it is pretty predictable what the house is going to look like when I get home from work after B has kept both kids while they are both ill! Boy did he surprise me Thursday! The dishes were washed! The floor was mopped! The toys were put away! All sixteen pairs of shoes were lined up by the side door! And (the best for last) the kids were sleeping!

Is this guy awesome or what!?!?!

Also he practically met me at the door and informed me that he was going to W/D to get some food.

"For dinner?"


"Oh, for your lunches?"


(light bulb came on) "You're just going to walk around to get out of the house and away from the kids for a while."

He smiled and shut the door.

The End


GirlB300 said...

1) Cute layout!
2) Sad about MJ, but he got really weird really fast..
3) Poor babies!!! And parents!!!
4) Go Brandon!! I'm impressed!!!

The Musgrove's said...

Hayley looked awful when we went to the doctor. I have never seen her where she didn't yell when I first saw her so I knew she was sick. Her poor eyes told the whole story of how she really felt.

The Pickett's said...

Poor things! That sounds miserable!! Wow, I'm impressed with Brandon! Hope you get some sleep!

Abbi said...

girl...i feel your pain! kennedy has been battling sickness for about 2 weeks..and we've had 3 trips to the doctor!!! sooo not fun!
hope they're feeling better!!!! it's SOOOOO stressful when the kids are sick!
and that is such a daddy thing to do!