Monday, July 06, 2009

Fun Filled Fourth

First of all I hope you all had a great 4th of July! I am so grateful to live in this nation! Thoughts fill my mind year round of the privileges I have that many others don't. Just another glimpse into my head. Be careful it's scary in there!!!

Anyways, last week I looked forward to Friday like I was kid going to Disney World for the first time. I was super excited to be off Friday because we were going to the beach!! Here are some pictures from Friday afternoon.

Leighton was so proud of her sandcastle-she built it all by herself!

Daddys were entertaining while Mommys were sunbathing!

Hayley, Kate, Leighton

After the beach we went home and took naps. Later the kids went to spend the night with their Gaby and Papa, and B and I went to dinner and movie with our friends, Chad and Christy. And apparently I like run on sentences.

Ok I have to add this in. We all went to see the movie Hangover. I have to be honest B and I had plans to go see Proposal, and when the plans changed to Hangover I wasn't to keen on the idea because I'm a huge wedding sap. But then I found out that Hangover starts out as this guys Bachelor party I was game because surely there had to be some sign of a wedding in this movie.
I have never been so glad I saw a movie in my life! It was the funniest movie EVER!!!!

I would love to sit here and recite every part to you that I thought was funny, but I won't do that to you, plus I would be here til midnight because my typeing skils rnt that gr8.

After the movie we went and hung out with guy.
And these folks.
(Not pictured Josh and Joy)
Saturday we stayed around the house for the morning. Oh, I have to tell you, I drug out my old stereo, from when I lived with my parents, and put it in the playhouse. I have a video (that I will post on Wednesday) of Hayley singing to (I think) Taylor Swift. It is hilarious!

So they played while I spring cleaned the carport (What? Better late than never). Actually, if you want to know the truth I was embarrassed when Matt and Hollie came to the house Friday to pick us up for the beach, so the first chance I got I was throwing stuff away and sweeping and throwing stuff away.

Am I the only one like that? When you have someone stop by or company over and the house isn't exactly the way you would like, the minute they leave you start cleaning out of sheer embarrassment.

Yeah, I thought I was the only one.

Anyway, we are half way through the weekend.
So Saturday afternoon we went over to Ben and Kristin's for a BBQ and slip-n-slide.
(This picture is supposed to be at the end of this day.)

Happy Birthday to Ben (Yes that is a tea light candle in the cake!)
After the fireworks we all went back to Ben and Kristin's for more food and more fireworks!
I have to say that while we were at the Hilliard Airport waiting on the fireworks to start I felt like I was on the set of Hope Floats, you know that small town feeling. It was like all the people that had moved away and had their own families came back to Hilliard for the Forth of July. I could tell B saw some friends he hadn't seen in a while. It was really neat to stand back and watch.

Sunday we did the unthinkable. We skipped church and headed for the water park in St. Mary's.
On the way there we found out that the park didn't open until 1:00. We had about an hour to kill so we stopped and had lunch at Applebee's. One word to sum up that stop - STRESS! We rarely and I mean rarely take the kids to a restaurant. I bribed the girls that I would take them to the gum ball machine and let them get a piece of chewy, as Leighton calls it, if they ate their lunch. So after they ate we walked to the back of the restaurant and there were four canisters of chewy and tattoos and such. I could only scramble up .25, so that meant we would have to bite it in half. Hayley decided she wanted the chewy that had all the swirly colors on it. I said ok and we put the money in and turned the crank. She popped in her mouth and I said "Wait! Wait! Wait! Bite it in half." B had walked up after paying the bill so I handed the chewy to B and said here you bite it in half. He said, "No you." As I was about to pop it in my mouth I realized it wasn't chewy at all! It was a RUBBER BOUNCY BALL!!!!!! Hayley was thrilled that she had a bouncy ball, but I had to carry Leighton out of Applebee's screaming and crying.

After the water park it was back to Ben and Kristin's for our annual Sunday evening, hot dog night. (You would think they would get tired of seeing our faces, but as long as they invite us we'll keep showin' up.)


GirlB300 said...

No, you're not the only one.. In fact I was really really embarrassed that Nick had to take Matt in to our two 'throw everything & close the door' rooms recently. I have got to do away with those kind of rooms!!

We missed you Sunday! We wrapped up our study and even had breakfast! I think we're going to try to do it again in the fall.

Abbi said...

sounds like a fun filled weekend!! the beach pics are sooo cute!!! i love them!!
glad you had a great weekend!

Hollie said...

you weirdo, i didn't think anything about your carport!! i was just glad we were meeting at your house instead of mine! ha!

and that pic of nate with his arm around...well, no one, is hilarious!

looks like your night out with the seeley's was fun.
We had a GREAT time at the beach with ya'll and wanna do it again super soon!!!!

Hollie said...

also, do us all a favor and take your word verification thingy off! i'm not even gonna tell you the word i just had to spell. i seriously think someone in word verificationville was trying to be funny.

TheVanzants said...

love all the pictures...we had a great time hangin' saturday and sunday :)

Kasey said...
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