Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Lake 2009

If you will notice how Hayley placed her lamby on the headrest so that he could see too! So sweet. In a nut shell the weather was great, we ate M&Ms, we swam, ate snickers, we tubed, we ate M&Ms, we napped, Leightoe ran around most of the time with no bathing suit at all, we ate M&Ms, we were just plain lazy, and we read the People magazine special on MJ while eating M&Ms ok ok ok you all know me way too well, it was ME eating all those M&Ms! Hayley is now sportin' the freckles all the way across the nose and I think Leightoe actually acquired a tan! I didn't think that was possible with her gene pool.


Mrs. Hinson said...

I loved the pictures, but it made me really sad to think that we didn't go together! I hope you had a great week down there. I'll try to call some time soon so that you can tell me how it was!

Suzanne said...

Looks like yall had a great time. Maybe next year we can make it out there.

Aunt Beth said...

Hello Everyone,
From the looks of it fun was had by ALL!!! That is the way it should be! The girls were precious in their monogrammed swim suits and their hair up in the pretty ribbons-ha! What was with (L) being topless?!haha! See is too much her fathers child! I love it!
HoHum back to work on Tues.
My love to all!

TheVanzants said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast :)

And I love the monogrammed suits - just my style!

Abbi said...

looks like a great time!!!
so i see you ate some m&m'!!! i love them too!!!!
loved the matching bathing suits!! and the bows in the hair!!! we think alike!!!