Friday, July 10, 2009

This One's For My Work Angel

This probably isn't one of those stories you tell your kids just before tucking them into bed at night. But for your reading pleasures I just wanted to share with you what just happened to me at work.

As you all (all 7 of you) know I am a MRI Technologist. There are certain things you can and cannot take into the magnet room. (A MRI machine is essentially one big magnet) Some magnets are stronger than others, the one I am working on now is pretty mediocre on the scale of strengths.

I hope I am not boring you. I did not mean for this to be a physics lesson.

Anyhow, as I am explaining to my patient (who is an African American-yes that tid bit of info will help later on in the story) what he cannot take into the room, cell, watch, I said and I always say "It's probably a good idea to just empty EVERYTHING out of your pockets." He agreed and did just that.

So we proceed and go into the room. He gets on the table and something (that small voice inside my head, I call it my "work angel"-he and I have become very good friends) told me, as I noticed the deep pockets on his demin shorts, to ask one more time. "You don't have anything else in your pockets right?" I kinda have grown attached to my eyeballs and would like to keep them for a few more years- Amen?

He says,"Oh, wait..yeah."

I stick my hand out to get it from him so that I could lay it on the counter for him.

Do you know what it was?!?!


Uh, yeah! As I put my hand out, and it was too late at this point, I could hear him saying "oh I haven't had it in my mouth."

Yeah right. He just keeps it in his pocket and pops it in before going into the Mall?

Why don't I just let the elderly patients hand me their dentures?

After that he handed over two lighters and a pocket knife. Not just any old regular little pocket knife, one that McGiver is probably carrying around somewhere.

Sorry, just had to share.

P.S. We are leaving for the lake Sunday and will be returning on Friday so I will get back with ya then. Love ya!


The Musgrove's said...

You really wonder what people are thinking. "This girl won't mind if I hand her my grill." This story just shows how well men really listen. :)

Abbi said...

omg....a grill...too funny!!!