Monday, July 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- Slow-Cooker Orange-BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
(Also receives the "Longest Name" Award)

Tuesday- Grilled Chicken
Butter Noodles
Garlic Cheese Buscuits (Bisquick makes this and it's right beside the muffin mixes, I tried to find a picture of the package to show you but Betty Crocker didn't have one on their site.)

Wednesday-Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas
(chicken tenderloins are BOGO at W/D)

Thursday- Creamy Ranch Pork Chops and Rice (Pork loins are manager's special too!)
Fordhook Lima Beans
French Bread

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Beef Strognaff (B LOVES this so get used to seeing it often)
Black Eyed Peas

Sunday- Stuffed Shells
Garlic Bread

*Hint- I have recently learned to pick up a bag of chicken nuggets or a box of corn dogs for the kids on the weekend. Maybe this will help one of you.
-Seriously why did it take this long to figure that out (kids really should come with an instruction manual for moms like me that aren't all that maternal). It took a handful of Saturday lunch hours of standing in the kitchen with hungry kids until I finally came up with this idea.

One more mind boggling food related thing, as you know we were on vacay last week, last night I was in the kitchen preparing my sandwich for my lunch today and I realized we did not have any mayo. No it wasn't that we were out, it was missing. B askItaliced if I had taken it to the lake with us. I replied "No, that's kinda an odd thing to take to the lake." Ok let's think the last time I used it was when I fixed potato salad for Hot dog night like 2 weeks ago! So, seriously if you broke into our house and stole our mayo please bring it back! Turkey with cheese and mustard is just WRONG! Oh, and are you the same person who brought our trash cans up to the house after garbage day Wednesday-just curious. But really I've been wondering.


Mrs. Hinson said...

Okay, that is really weird about the mayo! I have a really good recipe for chick. nuggets that is easy and affordable. I'll email it to you soon.

Abbi said...

i love reading you menu ideas!!!
ok that is weird about the mayo!

kennedy wants chicken nuggets for EVERY meal!!!