Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Four Year Anni To Us

It's our turn for the anniversary post! Yep, July 23, 2005 was our special day, and the hottest day especially if the air conditioning is not working at your reception site! Whole nother story. I think back on that day and want to do it all over again. Is that wrong? The dress, the hair, the flower's girls headpiece, the dress, the ring bearer's pillow, the homemade programs, and the dress. I really loved my dress! You know the day that Shally and Jason got married I was wedding gown shopping. Just thought I'd throw that in there. And my MIL told me that Christen Hinson said she was in David's Bridal and when she saw this particular dress she said,"Oh Mama that dress right there makes me want to get married all over again!" Then when my MIL described what she had seen, I told her that was the exact dress I had picked out that day. You can tell that we've been busy since then, because the dress still hangs in the closest at my parent's house. Every time I go to my mom and dad's I go in my old bedroom (now an office) and unzip the bag and run my hand over all the beading. Ok enough about all that. I will fill the rest up with pictures! Also, the song playing is the song that Christen sang at our wedding, just before I walked through the doors. I have never told her this but I was singing the words right along with her in the foyer of my church. The other song was our first dance (When I Fall in Love by Chris Botti). The first time I heard him play, he was on Oprah, he made me stand still in my tracks and I knew right then that was going to be the song.
My dress was not white, it was called candlelight and after we bought it I was having serious regrets, because every time I would picture the dress in my mind it looked browner and browner.

Just a little nervous

Hey, a girls gotta eat!

He totally looks nervous here.

Aww but look at Pudgy in the background-so sweet!
(It was probably my bridesmaid Amiee coming down the aisle when this was shot.)

Left to right: Aimee, Lynn, Tina, Me, Keli, Paige, Lindsay, Allyson

Ok, left to right here we go!

Chad, Travis, Austin, Nate, Robert, B, Pudgy, Joe, Micah, Josh, Randy Front:Lil' Bill

What a line up.A week later Micah cut his hair. Thanks!

Here I was telling B,"Hey did you notice that I said 'I Do' TWICE!"
Aaand here we were placing his ring on the correct finger-thank you to whoever LOL in the crowd, at the time I didn't even know why ya'll were laughing!

I never would have thought that I would have been as hands on as I was with the wedding. But you know how the saying,"If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself." Or stand over your mother and scrutinize every little detail while she does all the work. Same thing -Right?

But surprise, surprise,

I made the flower girl's headpiece...

and her basket...

all of these programs...
...the ring bearer's pillow (inspired by Donald Trump's ring bearer's pillow-could not find a picture to show you)
and hundreds of these cd wedding favors!
Some of my favorite pictures from this day are with my niece Allyson.

St. Thomas/St. John VI here we come! (or came)


The Libby's said...

Happy Anniversary! I didnt realize we got married so close to each other...only a week apart!

Abbi said...

aw...beautiful pics!!! i love to look at wedding pics!
happy anniversary! your were a beautiful bride!

Dana said...

Happy Anniversary!!

(Where was your reception at?)

Aunt Beth said...

Oh my, 4 years already!! B needs to be thankful that you are still just as beautiful as you were on your wedding day! No need to remember the bad, when fun was had by all!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a much loved couple! I pray you will be blessed with many more!
Love y'all so much!

monica said...

Congrats! You look stunning and still do! What is the name of the song and artist who is singing the song on your page? You mentioned Christen sang it at your wedding...I love it and I'm curious. Thx!

Kasey said...

Dana- our reception was at the Riverside Garden Club (and to be honest they totally ruined my wedding day! It was over 100 degrees in there due to the ac not working. None of the guests stayed and they would not refund our $. I would never recommend this as a reception site.

Monica-Jessica Day sings this song it is called Completely

GirlB300 said...

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Jordan! I remember this day.. Nicky was there but I backed out at the last minute because I was so sick with 'morning (all day) sickness', prego w/Rocco.. You look as beautiful today as you did then Kasey!