Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In The Beginning...

Sunday, while we were in the car to Dylan's 2nd birthday party, by the way Happy Birthday Dylan, B and I were going over the discussions in our Sunday School classes.

Let me fill some people in. Our Sunday school class has teamed up with other Sunday school classes and then we have separated, dividing men and women. There were about 15 women in class Sunday and I would speculate there were about the same number of men. The class is about marriage and discussing what the Bible says about a lot of the things young married couples face.

Back to driving in the car. B and I were asking each other how the other one's class went. I told him I thought it went really well. I didn't tell B this but sometimes in a larger group discussion like that I will have some input on a topic and then my heart starts POUNDING, my feet and hands start SWEATING, (yes I said feet), and my metabolism kicks in (yes I said that too). I know it's just the devil attacking me and I get these flash backs of my Speech class in college.

But there is usually someone who has the similar thought and shares it for me. I just want to send out big THANK YOU to Becky. She piped in for me last Sunday morning. The question was how do put your husband before your children? What I wanted to say was something that I learned when I was pregnant with Hayley. Let me rephrase that, while I was big as a house about to pop pregnant with Hayley.

It went like this: "In a sense, your children merely pass through your home." What was meant by that was they only live in your home for a time while they are growing up. "When the children have grown up and moved out a lot of times the husband and wife are estranged from each other because for all these years it has all been about the children." That is why it is soooo important to make time for just each other!

That's some GOOOOD stuff right there!

Whew, kept it comin' I hope the next 5 weeks are jammed packed with that kinda info!

Now if you thought that was good listen to what B had to say.

They talked about Adam and Eve. As we all know Eve ate the apple first then tricked Adam into eating as well. B said," and as ALL men do, Adam turned and pointed the finger to God. Adam said, 'Well this is the woman that You gave to me.'"

But B (and later I learned too) said but it's the man who's in charge. So Adam should have taken responsibility in that situation.

I have never looked at it quite that way.

And down the way Hayley and Leighton must have been busy learning new stuff too like how to say there prayers, other than just the daily "kankyou Jesus for this food. Amen."

Because now Hayley shows off her skills at the dinner table.

(watch the last line)

"God is good
God is great
Let us thank Him for our food
By his hands
We are feed
Thank you Lord
For Hayley's breath"

No joke the first time B and I heard this come out of her mouth it was all we had to keep it together at the dinner table.

She is definitely mine, she's got the mind set that the world revolves around her!


Hollie said...

i'm going to be expecting big things from the kasey corner next sunday! big things my friend!
practice in front of the mirror.

GirlB300 said...

Kasey, have I told you I love you lately? Well, the little bit I know, I absolutely love! Girl, I was sweating too, literally. SO, there was no raising of the hands in church during worship. Didn't want everyone to see the sweat stains! TMI? Sorry.. Just wanted you to know you weren't alone. And for those of you wondering, it had nothing to do with the temperature, some ladies were covered up, cold. Looking forward to Sunday!! God is good!

Aunt Beth said...

Kasey and B, Take it from your aunt that knows exactly where you are coming from. That is the hardest challenge parents have to face when you realize the time has come when the kids are not coming home for awhile. I know you both think you have a long time before this takes place, but it will be on you before you can think twice. So savor every moment and love, hug and kiss those two precious girls all the time, because there will be a day when all of that will be over(sniff,sniff).
I hope you both continue to enjoy your SS class and always practice what you learn together!
You both are GREAT parents!! God will continue to guide, direct and bless you as long as you are obedient to Him!
I love you all so much!

Aunt Beth said...

Dear Hayley,
I love your new blessing!! God is so proud of the big girl you are becoming! He hears everything that you say to Him! Keep up the sweet prayers!
I love you!

Abbi said...

so glad your enjoying your sunday school class!! point well stated!! you kinda opened my eyes on that as well! i look forward to next weeks lesson....lol!!!
have a great week!

Mrs. Hinson said...

I love Hayley! God has blessed you and Brandon with two precious girls! This post was very true and we all need to try to prioritize better when it comes to our time. I love you Kasey and am enjoying watching you grow in the Lord. Thank you for your friendship.