Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Healthy and Happy

I am going to brag for just this one post, I promise! Two nights ago we had spaghetti for dinner. B wasn't home so we just sat at the bar and ate. I was so proud of my girls for wanting salad to go with their spaghetti. Hayley discovered ranch dressing at Pizza Hut one afternoon and now it's all I can do to keep her from eating it 24/7. Leighton on the other hand prefers her salad plain.

Since we were eating at the bar they decided to grab an apple off of the 3 tier stand I have on the counter.

It has little tiny pumpkins and fake fall leaves sitting on the top and bottom layer and I put apples on the middle layer, for decoration of course. Except, as quickly as I go the store and buy some pretty green Granny Smith apples to put on my middle tier, they jump up on the bar stool and snatch some off to eat. I really shouldn't complain.

Side Note: If there is one thing I have learned it is that you have to keep good, healthy, fresh fruits and veggies readily available. Why? Because we are Americans and Americans like convience. If you have to wash and cut those strawberries or rinse off the grapes before you can eat them, let's face it, it's probably not going to happen and they go bad and get thrown away. Ok, maybe that only happens in my house! When I buy grapes or strawberries I go ahead and rinse and cut them up and put them in tupperware so it is ready to eat. I know, you feel like you're reading an insert out of a Martha Stewart mag. I'll stop, I know BORING! Maybe it will help ONE mama out there.
As I was, scarfing down my food because that's what us moms have to do, I noticed how healthy they were eating and I am so thankful they like to eat things that are good for their bodies and minds!

And yes, only in a small country town like ours will you find one wearing a John Deer shirt and the other wearing a Callie Kays shirt! Ha!

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Halee said...

So cute! Love those girls! Enjoyed the post!