Friday, November 20, 2009

You Got To ...Pray

Today I decided to splurge and eat out for lunch today. I usually bring my lunch but on Fridays I get cabin fever and just have to get out! By the way I ended up at Wendy's, where I ordered my 24th Southwest Taco Salad. No I haven't really eaten 24, it may be a few more or a few less. I think I am TOTALLY addicted!

Anyways, while I was sitting in the: 5minuteexpressdrivethruforthoseofusthathave15minutestoorderandscarf I was listening to Dr. Dobson have a discussion about teaching our children to pray. I suddenly felt very convicted of not doing a very good job at that. Yes, we pray at the table as a family and they know how to do, "God is great..." and I pray with each of the girls at bed time, when I am not too tired and thought I might make it through without falling asleep, as I am on bended knee beside their beds.

But do they know that they can talk to God all the time, casually, just like they talk to me.

Here is another view on praying (more for the adults).
God knows all your thoughts, he hears every unspoken word, so why do we need to pray and verbally tell God what's on our hearts?
Answer: Because no relationship has ever been formed by just eavesdropping.

A wife knows that her husband loves her, but it's nice to hear him say it. Same thing as our relationship with Christ.

The other day I bought this 2 ft. tall 'J' to decorate and hang on my front door. Hayley picked it up and said look Mama it's like a 'H'"
I said, "No, that's a 'J' for jump.....and.....Jesus."
Hayley, "name, Amen."

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GirlB300 said...

That was really good today! I kept thinking about how they said kids think we're thankful to the indians & that's what Thanksgiving is about. Walking my kiddos home from school I asked them who we're thankful to & one of them said 'the pilgrims for finding our land'. I explained that the pilgrims were thankful to God and so are we and that's what Thanksgiving is really about. (My other one did answer God.)