Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hopefully The First of Many

Last night I joined some friends and went to LNO. (Ladies Night Out) It is a Bible study on raising children and other motherly and womanly duties.

While I was getting ready I looked down at my toenail polish, that had seen better days, and just about gasped out loud, hideous! I knew I only had a few minutes but it was something that had to be taken care of.

Isn't it funny that we take longer getting ready to go out with the girls versus going out with the husband. Why is that? Because girls will notice your chipped toenail polish and guys won't.

I am writing this post because I have not yet put these ideas on paper, and if I don't put them somewhere FAST they will be gone (as my memory fails me)!

Rhonda is the speaker and holy cow is she gooooooood!

One thing she talked about was having thoughts of discontentment about your home. One example she shared was, "Well, we can't have anyone over because that toilet runs and everyone will have to use the one in the back." I almost laughed out loud. But I didn't because I was sitting on the front row in a room of oh about 50 women, and with it being my first time there I thought that might be a bit rude. Just before our annual Halloween party I asked B if we could get a new toilet for the spare bathroom because I didn't want it to be running all night long and because I was embarrassed. Ok, has Rhonda been reading my mail? I am SOOOO guilty of feeling discontent with my home. Here's a thought, isn't discontentment jealousy? Hello!

I had read the posts from Kelly last week while she was on the Compassion trip to El Salvador. After I would read some of her words about these families living with dirt floors or a family of 4 living in a one room hut. Uhh, who could feel discontent about having a 3 bedroom brick house then? Things that I feel I have to have, that new recliner for the living, really isn't a need. Or a new dining room table that seats 6 instead of 4, because every time we have people over to eat there aren't enough chairs. There's that feeling again that Rhonda was talking about. Well, we can't have people over because....

Another point she made was, when we see something or someone that is pretty and we think it, why don't we say it? Why does the thought only go as far as our brain. Is it because we are jealous?

Her goal, that she said a couple of times, is that people take away one little nugget of information. Well, when you say nugget in my presence the first thing that comes to my mind is chicken nugget, maybe that's because I live with a 2 and 3 year old. In comparison to the nugget I think I took the whole chicken. Thanks Rhonda!


Abbi said...

goodness, she did hit home with A LOT of things!! she's awesome! so glad you joined us! can't wait until dec!

TheVanzants said...

Glad you came :)
I always walk away with a whole chicken and gnaw on it for a long while - she has so much wisdom!`

The Musgrove's said...

So where are these LNO? I would love to go. I always need some Godly wisdom.