Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Next Best Place To Being In Heaven being at The Swamp of course! Today B, Josh, Keli (my sis), and I went to the Gators spring game. The weather was good a little overcast so it was not too hot and not too cool.

Why does my eye look all swollen in this picture, I ask myself. Oh, maybe because I was up at 7:30 already blowing drying this mane of mine I like to call hair.

Ok, ok, ok, if you really want to know the details I will tell you but, I'm warning you I am really letting my guard down on this one! Keli spent the night Friday night so she wouldn't have to get up so early to go with us. Which I loved by the way, because I feel like I never get to spend time with my sister anymore. So we got the kiddies to bed and made the 10:30 trip to the gas station so we could have milk and eggs for breakfast. It was either hit the clubs or go to flash foods and of course we choose flash foods! Anyways, the next morning we get up to get ready and it was just like old times, fighting for the mirror and swapping out so we could each get a turn at the sink. Josh came to Hilliard so we could all ride together. On the way to Gainsville B and Josh had us laughing (sweating) so hard my deodorant had already started to wear off! I noticed a little but didn't really think about it because I was trying to get there (we were going a route that I don't normally take), pay a small fortune to park the car in between two trees (also trying not to run over the guy directing me "a little more to the left"), and get to the Will Call desk to buy our tickets. We finally got our tickets and found some seats. I looked at the game clock and it said 2:36, meaning we had 2 minutes and 36 seconds until halftime. Which I found soooooo (NOT) funny because after the first half of the game they were no longer selling tickets. Nope that's right no more tickets to be sold. Because then you can get in for FREE! So, I think the final price for us was about $1 a minute. But when you're in The Swamp who's counting? Just a side note as we were sitting there enjoying the game I always tend to watch the cheerleaders (more than the football game itself) and be a little bit jealous, because I really did have the best time cheerleading in highschool and I wish that I could have cheered on the best team in the country. Anyways, now the clouds had blown away and the sun was shining bright. And I was reeking! Just a little bit, ok a lot, no just a little ... To make a long story some what short on the way back home I was STANKIN'! I made Josh pull over in Walgreens so that I could get some deo for my B.O. (Corny I know!) It was the right brand but NOT the right scent! Now it was like stank on top of stank! We got home and I was never so happy to get a shower! All in all I might have been the stinky kid in class today but we still had a blast!!!!!


The Musgrove's said...

Too funny again!

GirlB300 said...

Kasey - You are cracking me up! Your prettiness totally overrides any stinky-ness you think you had!! (And I adore the new pic in the upper right hand corner.)

Aunt Beth said...

You are so funny! What makes you think it was you being the smelly one?!haha! I love the pic. of you and Keli! I am glad you all had a great time! You definitely deserve Kasey time!
I love all the new pics. you have posted!!!