Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter Doings

Y'all I have been so busy, I was trying to think back to when it all started to get crazy and I can't even remember it's been weeks. Two weeks ago we had a garage sale & lemonade stand/pictures on Saturday, Sunday church/softball game/pressure washing carport. Last Friday get ready for birthday party, Saturday birthday party/cancelled Easter photo session-too tired, Sunday church/Palm Sunday lunch at the in-laws. Wednesday cleaning and cooking for Mary Kay party. Thursday second round of Easter attire shopping/Mary Kay party. Saturday bake carrot cake for Sunday (which actually turned into a peel the cake off the pan throw it into a nice bowl, spread the icing on top and let people dip it out with a spoon), Easter Egg Hunt(which if anyone noticed, yes I bought the girls matching shirts to wear to the egg hunt, I know I know imagine that, and yes they were on backwards. Who knew the buttons went in the back! Okay besides you B!)/cancelled wedding attendance-too tired. Sunday church/drive like a CRAZY woman to my mom's for lunch with my whole family. That about sums it up oh and throw in there painting the playhouse every free minute and doctors checkups. Anyways I've been making mental notes on what to post about (is that weird?). Here are some pictures from this weekend. By the way I have nerds scattered all over my house, if I step on another piece of Easter grass I might scream (that would be the neat freak coming out in me),and when the girls were finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny left they would -find one, open it up, and eat the candy. So nevertheless Leighton pretty much ate miniature snickers and M&Ms for breakfast. Also, I don't think they found all the eggs due to their bellies being full, so I have to now remember where and how many eggs I, I mean the Easter Bunny hid. We had a great time at my moms except for, I think it is very sad that B could not get out of the car and pump gas, on the way home today, for the reason that he ate too much. He is now complaining that he "doesn't feel that great".
I just want to add that even though we have been so busy, I managed to squeeze in some time with the girls to explain the real meaning of Easter (not just teaching them how to be the fastest egg hunter in Hilliard). I struggled with this story for a while, I mean trying to explain to a 2 and 3 year old that someone died and then came back is a tad bit heavy. But my mom-in-law lent me her copy of The Beginner's Bible and it worked great! I did change some of the words like disciples to friends (so that B would be able to follow along) hee hee! Wait B! Come back, I was just kidding!


GirlB300 said...

Love it Kasey! Now, take a breath and get started

The Musgrove's said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! You are so funny!

Abbi said...

goodness you are a busy woman!!
cute pics!

Darlene said...

wow, you had a crazy week! I'm so glad that now even B understands the story of Easter!