Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Ice Cream Truck Lady is Sittin' Tall

Well the weekend is over already, it always seems to fly by! Saturday morn the girls and I did some quick shopping and came home to pickup B to make it to the family reunion at Aunt Sue and Uncle Eddie's, where we found out some very exciting news (that I am not at liberty to discuss right now-sorry, but I will soon). Then we came home to get ready for nap time because later that night B and I were going to a wedding. While I was trying to get Leighton down for a nap Hayley was still in the living room with B. And yes I heard "it" outside but if you don't acknowledge "it" neither will the kids. But oooohhhh no not B. I hear him and Hayley get all excited and run outside, so then Leighton starts wondering what all the excitement is about. Before I knew it we were all standing in the driveway. B comes inside with a whole arm full of goodies. We told the girls they could have their treats after they took their naps. They agreed. B tells me later that he spent $8.50 on that stuff! WHAT! (This is right up there with the Girl Scout Cookies.) He tells me (and this is going to sound familiar) that's it's not just buying ice cream and rocket popsicles, it's about the Ice Cream Truck. I stand there just looking at him with this look of "You gotta be kiddin me?" Today he comes inside with a huge grin on his face and tells me that, "I set a new record! $9.00." I ask him, "What would Suze Ormand have to say about all this?" He says,"Who?" Eeeexactly. Y'all I can guarantee that there will never be a day that this Ice Cream Truck passes up our house!

Let me share this with you. He will buy:

Tools out of a tent (a tent sale on the side of the road)
A generator off of the radio
Speakers out of a van (yes a white van with no windows-cash only please)
Meat out of a truck (tasted like a rubber boot)
A mattress by just looking at the catalog from the mail

This guy is the biggest sucker I know!


Darlene said...

She goes by my mom's house, too and Don does the same thing!

Mrs. Hinson said...

Sounds just like him! That is too funny! I'm wanting to know what the exciting news is :)

Aunt Beth said...

He is so generous!! I love the pic. with this! Who is the biggest kid in all of this?! I bet that was the easiest nap time for both knowing they were getting a TREAT when they awoke-especially sweet tooth(Leighton)!! Oh well, they can't help that it runs deep in our family genes!!!

GirlB300 said...

You know what's worse (or better, depending how you look at it) we can hear the ice cream truck from our house but they don't come close enough for us to buy. know we're starting a new Crown Financial class at church, lol. Brandon is a perfect candidate! Does he realize how much ice cream he could have from Winn Dixie for that money?! ;)

Abbi said...

too funny!!! that truck stops by mom's house too!!!!!!