Monday, March 09, 2009

Leighton's first haircut

Last Wednesday Leighton got her first haircut. I figured since she is about to turn 2 years old and all it was bout time. You'd be surprised what a little trim can do. Of course we went all out and got the ears pierced too! Us Jordans don't do anything half way, we go all out!!! Side note- Brandon was not happy that he didn't take her as he took Hayley for her first haircut. I am going to brag just for a minute I promise. She sat in the chair all by herself, she was so big. Perfect opportunity for Mom to get some pics. Then when it was time for the ear piercing, not ONE tear! All the 80 somethings in the salon that day couldn't believe her! They were saying "I can't believe how good she is, do you remember that little boy that was in here crying and making a scene ...." mean while she is in my lap, needle ready one on each ear, my heart pounding and hands sweating like never before (because they are usually sweaty at any given moment- sorry for the people at church that shake my hand!). Here are a few photos. Sorry the pictures are supposed to be at the end here, but I am still figuring this thing out.
Since we are talking about my very stubborn child I thought the following to be appropriate. I was driving to work last week and was listening to the radio. They were talking about guiding children through life, particularly stubborn or as we like to say strong willed children. So I turned up the volume and was all ears. They were saying as a parent you should never back down if you say "no" to something stick with it don't back down. Children might act out but they really want to be lead. And here's the part that I hope I never forget. You have to prove to them that you are worthy of leading them!!!!!!!

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Aunt Beth said...

I loved being able to see the pics. of your first big girl haircut. You were so brave to sit in that chair all by yourself with your lollipop! Your haircut looks so pretty!!
I love you!