Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wachovia meets Hayley

Hayley's been really into finances (very young I know and this may or may not even be a real opening story) and, now more recently, very concerned about the economy. I mean you can't hide the news it's everywhere - the magazines, newspapers, and TV. She came to me today holding a broken baby doll very concerned about the quality of work going on in the United States today and decided it was time she do something about it. Soooo....she wants to start investing.

Today I took Hayley to the bank to start her own savings account. I don't think she understood, because when I told her we were going to the bank to give the lady her money she replied, "and then her's gonna gimme some more?!?"

I thought it would be very picturesque for her to walk in carrying her precious little piggy bank. Then it occurred to me that this half filled with change pig is probably just going to tick them off when they have to count all this out. But the reaction was right on key.

"Oh, that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Look at her bringing in her piggy bank!" LOVED IT!

She thought 3 years worth of birthday "monies" for 2 suckers (not even pink like requested) was an even trade.