Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Leighton

Two years ago today B and I welcomed our second daughter, Leighton Elizabeth Jordan (after her Great Aunt Beth) into our family. I feel compelled to share with all of you "her" labor story or at least the events leading up to.
It was a Friday March 30th, I went to work feeling like I couldn't fit through the doors of Noah's Ark if I had to, you know the feeling, if you've ever had a child. Anyway, I remember getting off work early and picking Hayley (still just 15 mos. old) up from the sitter. I also remember telling her sitter not to give her a nap because I am on the way home and we will take a nap together. Hey desperate times calls for desperate measures!! And that we did, we napped and napped and napped. I woke up to B standing over me reminding me that our dear friends the Skelton's were going to be here in an hour for dinner. So I roll out of bed. We were having steak, salad, some other things I can't remember, and garlic bread. Garlic bread! I forgot! So, Katie and I hop in her car and go to W/D. That's when it happened. I remember looking at the clock in her car driving down Pine Street. 7:00. The first contraction!!! We get through dinner and finally sit down on the couch. By now it's 9:30, another contraction. My dear friend didn't want to leave b/c she could tell they were coming sporadically but, more importantly, they were coming. (The contractions that is - keep up!) So, they left - I mean they have kids to put to bed too. B stays up to watch t.v. and I went to the bedroom to watch t.v. The contractions seemed to be getting closer together, so I started writing them down. 11:12, 11:20, 11:28, 11:36 and so on for 1 hour. Something told me I should get up and get ready. So that's what I did. I did what every smart woman would do, I hoped right in the bathroom to shave my legs and blow out my hair. After all the grooming I got my bag and pillow and headed down the hall. By now B is asleep. This is where it gets good! I kept telling myself one day this will all be funny!

After all my efforts to wake him, he tells me "It'll be okay, go back to bed." He wanted to sleep in his own bed, at home. (Selfishness is not normally in his nature. I don't know where this came from - wink, wink) After showing him the times of the contractions he agreed. It was now 1:00am. My labor pains were all in my back and consistently 5 minutes apart, but we had to stop at Flashfoods to get gas ok, understandable. It now was drizzling rain. For once I was happy to have a husband that drove 120mph EVERYWHERE, even in the rain. Not this night! I'm praying Lord please get me there ASAP, and B driving 45mph down US 1. Then stops to get a Coke at the gas station in Dinsmore!!!!!WHAT!?!?

Ok, we finally made it to BMC downtown. If you don't know there is a pull up place for Women in Labor. That would be me. B gets out, goes up to the door, that is not automatically opening for the safety of the 95 year old volunteer working the labor check in desk. So B is having to yell to the woman through the door. She thinks we are here to SEE someone who HAD a baby. (B/c that's what we do at 1:00 in the morning) She tells B to park in the garage and WALK down the STAIRS to the security guard. One would think to be inquisitive - Do these directions also apply to women screaming and shouting about epidurals? NOPE, NOT B! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!! So we make it to the security guard and he thinks we are there to see someone too (I guess the look on my face, the baby about to come out of me, this HUGE belly, and the pillow under my arm wasn't enough). The security guard asked,"What's the patients name?" B answers,"Kasey Edwards" EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all I AM the patient, technically I am not even a patient b/c we haven't even made it to check in. Secondly, last time I checked we were married so that would make me Jordan, Kasey Jordan.


GirlB300 said...

I remember this beautiful day...I remember walking in to your hospital room expecting to encourage you on your delivery that would be taking place that day, but instead I walked in to see the most beautiful, small, pink baby.. I was so surprised she was already here! Happy Birthday Leighton!!

Darlene said...

Happy Happy Bday Leighton!

Aunt Beth said...

Happy Birthday Leighton!!
You are a beautiful, sweet, little girl and I love you so much!
Blow out 2 candles today and take in all the excitement just for you!
I love you!

The Musgrove's said...

So why I have never heard this story? This is so funny! This is SO Brandon too! Happy Birthday Lou! Aunt Sissy loves you!

The Libby's said...

She will loving hearing this story one day :)
Happy Birthday Leighton!

Abbi said...

aw....sooo sweet!! can't believe she's already 2!! they grow up soooo fast! happy birthday leighton!
i just found your blog tonight!! i didn't know you blogged!! yay!!

Hollie said...

"kasey edwards" ...bahahahaaaaa!!! That is hilarious!! and soooo very brandon!

i was induced and therefore no nothing about all of this, so it was fun to read. i can't believe he stopped for a coke in dinsmore!! what??!?!?!!!

the last pic is precious.