Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Apologies

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This past Sunday after church we all went out to eat at a restaurant in Hilliard. For some reason Brandon starts bragging to everyone that he's got Girl Scout cookies waiting on him when he gets home. I leaned over to Uncle Josh (He's not my uncle. He's my kids uncle, but there's soooo many Joshs I just always refer to him as Uncle Josh to minimize the confusion) and said,"You know I can't see paying $5 for 12 cookies, when you can go IN the store and get a whole bag of Kebler Elf for like 2 bucks." He agreed but didn't make as big a deal as I. The waitress wiping down our table turns to us (me) and says, "I'm a Girl Scout troop leader and it's for a good cause." Yelling back over my shoulder as I was crawling under the table from sheer embarrassment I call out, "I used to be a Girl Scout!" (Don't you laugh...I know you are laughing)
So, what did we (I) learn from this, well first of all I probably should be diagnosed with Footinmouth Disease. I've heard the FDA hasn't approved treatment for this yet, but when they do I'll be the first one in line at the drug store.

Secondly, and more importantly, the next day I was listening to radio on the way to work and they quoted James 1:19 ...be slow to speak... then we won't be so prone to say things we regret.

So, to wrap this up, to the lady at Little Al's with the cute bob - I apologize sincerely!


Darlene said...

haha! Made me laugh! Oh and the ones I get (the Somoas), I got 15 cookies for $3.50...although it used to be like 20+ for $2.50.

P.S. I ate two boxes (30 cookies) in three days. :-)

TheVanzants said...

You're a hoot :) This story made me laugh!

Anonymous said...
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Aunt Beth said...

You are such a hoot, that is why I love you so much!! I assume you supported that childs troop with that box of cookies you are displaying!haha! You can dress them up, but you can't take them anywhere!haha!
I love being able to keep up with the Jordan family finally. Keep up the hard work, but entertainment for the rest of us followers!!
Love you all!